Our Panel Features

The CARBONTECH panels are comprised of heat thermostats that are calibrated to ensure continuous FIR heat at a lower surface temperature than other infrared sauna heaters.

The CARBONTECH heating technology is the most consistent form of FIR emission allowing for a better performance within the 7- 14 micron range.

The design of our Healthstart Far Infrared Saunas will ensure you are covered from head to toe with soft FIR heat while using less power than other FIR Saunas.

Healthstart CarbonTech EMR- SafeHeat far infrared sauna panels are on average 25% more efficient at reach­ing temperature. This means much shorter warm- up time, greatly reduced running costs and in a sauna session your body core temperature will rise quicker.

Healthstart believe it is very important that the heating panels have a protective thermal cover, particularly if young children are using the sauna to ensure total safety should you happen to touch a far infrared heater panel.

To this end, we have incor­porated our highest grade of non- toxic thermal material with vastly improved performance. We firmly believe that our far infrared heating panels are of such high quality that we give them a True LIFETIME War­ranty for domestic/home sauna use.



Are you concerned about the EMR/EMF output of far infrared saunas?

EMR-Safeheat Technology combines the latest advancements in carbon materials. The CarbonTech EMR-Safeheat Far Infrared Heating Panel is almost EMR free and can be between 200 to 600 times lower than any other FIR carbon sauna heating panel currently on the market today.

Our improved manufacturing process incorporating a new carbon ink paste, laid with utmost precision produces an even thickness of material to eliminate any potentially dangerous hot spots that are commonly found in the cheap saunas that are flooding the Australian market.