Infrared Sauna Benefits

In today’s world, stress has become an increasing enigma. As present day jobs generally become less physically demanding, we run the risk of being overweight and accumulating toxic materials in organs under the skin. Our bodies absorb FAR Infrared (FIR) because of its deep penetrating ability, when this happens it transforms light energy promoting many benefits, these include:

SWEAT THERAPY: FIR rays penetrate just below the skin and promote a deeper more beneficial cleanse through the body’s natural purification sweat process.

RELIEVE MUSCULAR STRESS: The most immediate and noticeable effect is the tremendous relaxation; it alone can have a profound impact on your health. Just 15 - 20 minutes in a Healthstart FAR Infrared sauna may reduce muscular stress, tension and fatigue.

RELAX AND TONE: It is the deep penetrating ability of FAR Infrared radiant heat that aids your body in naturally relaxing and toning.

SKIN BENEFITS: Dermatologists have for many years recognize the value of sweating in creating a beautiful, healthy all over natural glow to our skin. Many Dermatologists believe that heavy sweating cleanses your skin more thoroughly than soap and water, because it opens your pores and allows deep- seated grime and dead cells to be naturally flushed out of your system. It improves the tone, texture and colour of the skin. Perspiration allows for deep cleansing, eliminating impurities and removal of dead skin cells, leaving the skin

PAIN RELIEF: Heat treatments have long been known to be very effective in easing joint and muscular pain. The increase in your body’s temperature causes your blood vessels to expand, which increases blood circulation. As a result, more oxygen and nutrients are able to reach the damaged parts of your body and this assists the healing process and reduces the sensation of pain.

Professional athletes all over the world are now incorporating a sauna session after they exercise because they have experienced that it helps to speed up the healing of damaged muscle tissue which dramatically reduces their recovery time, allowing them to be performing at their peak a lot sooner.

STRESS BE GONE: Many people’s lives today are filled with stress, and we all know that stress can lead to... high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, migraine headaches, muscle tension, ...and the list goes on.
Relaxing in a sauna is a great way to unwind and relieve the day to day stress.